Shruti + Kush


Napa. Cali



Mansi + Shravan


Thailand is absolutely breathtaking. As gruelling as the 30 hour trip was worth every minute. Hua Hin is a place like no other. We travelled two hours to epic mountains and lakes. The wedding was non-stop and with over 30º of heat some of us had heat stroke. In the end the sun set and the the party started and it will always a wedding we will never forget.


Kav + Amrik


Working with Kav and Amrik was an absolute pleasure. From the moment we got off the plane to the last min of the reception, it was one adventure after another. Filming at Jurassic Coast was breath taking, a place like no other. 


Karan + Rahul


Karan and Rahul's wedding reminded us how two families come together.  They're amazing fun personalities are so clear in there film. The strong bond they share is inspiring and makes us hold our loved ones little closer. The people in Washington D.C. know how to party.


Gurmeet + Karn


Gurmeet and Karan are the most creative couples we've ever met. They decided to make their own wedding cake figures for their reception. These two complement each other and have an infectious personality that leaves you wanting more. It was a pleasure being a part of their big day.


Devika + Jessi


Two people that are off the beaten path. A typical wedding just wouldn't do. Devika and Jessi chose to film their getting ready shots in an old brick factory from the 1912's. The wedding was heart felt and we were a part of the adventure from the first day. Devika even found a dam to have her Mehndi applied. It was a wedding for the adventurous.    


Sam + Chanandeep


Sam and Channdeep were just a pleasure to work with. It was a fast paced few days but everything came together. The venue was just epic and we had an amazing time getting to know the couple.